Simple, Grade Control

Straight Edge Precision provides simple solutions for complicated water management issues. We supply the control systems, planning solutions and even guidance solutions to allow you to maximize the returns from your land with the least impact on your pocketbook.

RTK Systems

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Straight Edge Precision offers the RJ-800 and RJ-1000 RTK systems.  These systems are designed for those who need RTK guidance for machine control but can’t reason out the cost of RTK systems for the rest of the farm.  These systems are accurate, designed to plug and play with Ditch Assist, and come complete and ready to work.

Water Management

Creating plans for water management does not have to be difficult for you. Straight Edge Precision offers custom made plans for both surface drainage systems or full land formation plans, all easily up-loadable into your Ditch Assist system. For customers wanting full control over the design process we offer EziGrade software for a flat one time fee, reducing your overall  costs.