RTK Systems

RTK Systems

Straight Edge Precision currently offers two models of RJ RTK GNSS systems. Both systems are designed as a base and rover system, although different base options may be available. Having the base station in the same field as the rover offers the best accuracy available for machine control.


Great Value for Lower Price

The RJ-800 is the ideal system for those looking to only use the system maybe once or twice a year. The system is extremely accurate despite being a single frequency system. To help increase lifespan and reduce vibration caused problems the rover is kept inside a Pelican case. This doesn’t affect performance and will keep the system running longer. The RJ-800 is simple to use and offers two smart antennas that can be used as a base or rover.


base photo

Built Tough and Insanely Accurate

The RJ-1000 is a newly designed system to handle tough conditions without stopping. The ideal unit for higher vibration areas, such as rotary ditchers, the receiver is kept in a machined aluminum case near the hitch of the implement with just the antenna mounted above the cutting edge. Unit is designed to power on with Ditch Assist so no need to turn antenna on separately. The RJ-1000 system is proving to have better vertical accuracy than other systems available for thousands more!

All Straight Edge RJ Series GNSS systems come complete and ready to use in the field with Ditch Assist. You will find that everything but the base station battery is included with the kit.

All power and communication
cables for Ditch Assist
Power cable to attach base station to a battery
Tripod for base station
USB cables, thread adapter and tripod plate for RJ-800 antennas
All firmware and software updated to the latest standards